Rejuvenation Retreats 2017

Judy and Andrew

Judy and Andrew invite you to enjoy their amazing property for  rejuvenation retreats in 2017

Lightstream Sanctuary Retreats – Register your interest at Lightstream Health Clinic for future Retreats in Sawtell.

Are you finding things overwhelming and need to get away for a rest for a few days? Do you need to change your present lifestyle to accommodate a healthier approach? Have you been feeling tired and run down and need a boost to kick start a new way of being?

Lightstream Sanctuary, a serene pristine retreat in the hinterland of Coffs Harbour is restarting their program of rejuvenating Natural Health and Lifestyle workshops to be conducted over 3 days.  A program to start you on a program of health and learning to relax effectively with meditation, healthy food and how to sustain a congenial lifestyle which energises rather than depletes and sets one on a positive approach to one’s life.

The aims of these weekends are to rejuvenate you physically, emotionally, mentally  and spiritually, by incorporating physical activity, diet advice and stress management/meditation skills as well as an assessment of your general health and treatment with natural herbal remedies.

The flexible program includes naturopathic assessment and herbal treatment for duration of retreat, Nutritional advice and demonstrations, Yoga,Tai chi, Fitness Programs, Meditation, Stress Management, Bush Walking, massage, and additional activities with all gourmet vegetarian meals provided and juices if a detox retreat.

Retreat 055

Relax with Yoga and Tai chi

Retreat 106

Enjoy the beautiful gardens

Retreat 020

Be nourished by home cooked organic vegetarian food


Judy and Andrew at Lightstream Health Clinic in Sawtell are your hosts at these relaxing lifestyle weekends. You will receive an individual naturopathic health assessment, including specific herbal medicine, nutritional advice based on blood type and lifestyle, yoga exercises, qigong/tai’ chi, meditation, therapeutic massage, communication skills, emotional and psychological support. Fresh vegetarian meals are provided along with comfortable accommodation in a healing tranquil environment. Contact 66586406, 0427181726.  email

How will the retreat leave a lasting effect on one’s health?

It will identify weaknesses in participants’ physical, emotional and psychological health and give them the skills and information to remedy or help with their specific problems. Skills learnt will enable the participant to manage time better whilst leading a healthy fulfilling life.

What environment can one expect at the retreat?

The ambiance at Lightstream Sanctuary is one of peace and tranquility with birds and wildlife as company. On the Little Nymboida River with a unique waterfall and swimming area that is not only pristine but remote enough to feel as if one is far away from the troubles of the world. Tranquil walks through the warm temperate rainforest, a calm lake to sit and ponder, meditate around the circular herb garden, and a healing oxygen – charged atmosphere, that will leave one feeling refreshed and ready to start anew.


The beautiful swimming hole

What range of activities are on the program?

Participants are given an individual naturopathic health assessment and treatments including therapeutic massage, tai chi/qi gong, meditation, communication skills, food as medicine workshops, emotional healing, herbal medicine, yoga and mud wraps by the river

What participants have said about the retreats:

On what people gained from the retreat…

Friendship, unwinding, t’ai chi, positive journey

Powerful sense of self & a peace I’ve not had for a long time. I’m smiling!

Companionship, peace, spending time with myself, living with nature.

Learning more about myself. Experiencing & meeting new beautiful people. Laughter & fun times.

 I love your food & will become more aware of what real food is about.

2017 Retreat Dates

Upcoming retreat:

Contact us for more dates


Day 1


Start/Introduction                      change to: Start/introduction/ aims for retreat


Tai Chi  change to Yoga


Morning Tea


Workshop  (add stress management & how to meditate)



2-3.30pm  3-5 pm


Walk to Lightstream Waterfall and (onto Lower Little Nymboida Falls –  mud wrap by river & swim.

Massage & health assessments Afternoon tea & free time

Nutrition workshop “food as medicine” healthy vegetarian cooking demonstration.

6.30-7.30pm   Dinner
7.30-8pm Meditation
8.00pm Bed
Day 2
7-8.00am Showers
8.00am T’ai chi/qigong
9.00am Breakfast
10.00 am Workshop & Meditation
10.30am Free time
11.30- 12-30 pm Yoga
1-2pm Lunch
2-3.30pm Walk to lake & water spa
3.30-5pm5-6pm Health assessments & massagesFree Time
6.30-7.30 Dinner
7.30-8pm Meditation

Day 3
7.00am Tai Chi
8.00am Yoga/Meditation





Free time

12.00pm Lunch / Juices(remove)

Evaluation of retreat/aims for future Farewelland Goals(remove)


Ring 02 6658 6406 or 61427181726


Drop into the Clinic at 7/66 First Ave Sawtell and find out more.


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