Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Trauma Healing

Judy has Degrees in Psychology and Counselling and has had many years experience in all types of counselling particularly relationship difficulty, grief and loss and stress management. Many years facilitating self empowerment and stress management workshops, Judy, with her partner Andrew, is now focusing on rejuvenation and stress free, and spiritual 3 day retreats at Lightstream  Sanctuary which she feels can uplift and set people back on track very quickly. Judy has also taught communications and stress management at a local school and is also a registered nurse with many years experience in oncology medicine.

Specialising in boosting self-esteem, relaxation techniques, and communications, Judy helps individuals and couples facing relationship loss/break-up to specifically benefit from counselling.

A variety of psychotherapeutic techniques are used depending on the individual’s particular situation, their personal characteristics, and deeper needs. A holistic approach, catering for emotional, mental as well as each individual spiritual needs and the empowerment of each individual, is the goal.


Past traumas, reactions to emotional wounds inflicted by past events or other people, childhood incidents which have left an imprint on my Psych/Soul which create patterns of instinctive behaviour and thought patterns which affect my life. These imbedded traumas create stuck areas in my body and prevent me from moving forward with ease, can even cause various diseases such as arthritis, autoimmune disease and cancer when trauma is deeply held within the cells, tissues and organs of my body or emotional centre of my emotional body.

Outdated belief systems and inconsistencies in my emotional makeup prevent me from being fully Myself.

This healing process requires a 2 hour session, where at the outset an intention to work with is stated, as per the issue, and then after a deeply relaxing meditation process to calm the body and mind, we work with the subconscious to release past trauma while you are in an heightened relaxed state.

It is a psychotherapeutic process working deeply with my inner awareness rather than the conscious awareness as in a usual counselling session.


Counselling – Initial Session $80.00; trauma healing $80 for full 2 hour session.
Consideration will be given for any financial hardship or unemployed – a fee can be negotiated.

Phone 612 66586406 or 61 427181726 for more information.

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