Mud Wraps

Mud Wraps

By applying a smooth layer of mud, it can detoxify, cleanse and tone the skin. The area covered in mud is wrapped in plastic film and then warm towels applied. While the body is relaxing for 15 minutes, the practitioner will give a head massage and foot reflexology. Then the mud is washed off leaving the skin revitalized and firm. Mud wraps are also thought to relieve tired and aching joints, ease inflammation and allow impurities to be drawn out of the skin by sweating. It can be an aid in slimming. Cleanse your skin and try a Mud wrap at Lightstream today.

1 ½ hours includes reflexology and head massage: $100.00

Mud wraps are only available at Lightstream Sanctuary as a part of the Retreats. No longer available at Lightstream Health Clinic

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