Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Eighty percent of the world’s population relies on herbs for health.

Herbalism is a holistic medical system that seeks to restore the body’s natural balance (homeostasis). Remedies are tailored to the person.

Rather than treat the symptoms in isolation, the herbalist looks for the cause of the illness, such as long-term stress, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, or side effects of orthodox medicine.

Much of the herbalist’s skill lies in knowing the actions of different plant remedies on specific body systems. Herbalists consider that the use of parts of the whole plant s more effective than isolated synthetically made drugs, the former which product little or no side effects.

Herbal remedies are extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, rhizomes, and whole plants.

Herbal remedies have been scientifically shown to have significant effect on most human ailments.

1/2 HR Consultation – $50.00 | 1 HR Consultation – $80.00 | Seniors/concession 1 hour $75.00

With Consolation: Herbs – 100 ml from $30.00 | Herbs – 200ml from $45.00

Without Consolation: Herbs – 100 ml from $35.00 | Herbs – 200ml from $50.00

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