The Big House at Lightstream Sanctuary is available for accommodation for Retreats on request.Ring 0266586406 if you want to book to run your Retreat from this beautiful Sanctuary of total peace and healing. The House can accommodate up to 10 people, shared 2 beds to a bedroom with 2 bathroom. Cabin can accommodate  up to 5-6 people.

Cabin is available for short term rental on

The Main House

The main house is located in a large cleared area in the rainforest and is surrounded by beautiful trees and gardens. There are a variety of accommodation options in the main house.

The main house has 4 large bedrooms, 2 sitting areas, a large balcony and 2 bathrooms for your convenience.


Upstairs bedroom 2


Country style kitchen

Upstairs bedroom

Upstairs double bedroom

Downstairs bedroom

Downstairs bedroom with garden views

Lightstream July-August 2011 099

Downstairs sitting area

Lightstream July-August 2011 107

Relaxed and natural decor at Lightstream Retreat

Lightstream July-August 2011 106

A large country kitchen


Our resident chickens for fresh farm eggs

Master bedroom

Rustic Eco Cabin – Available for short term rents on Please give plenty of notice

For the ultimate getaway weekend or mid week retreat in a peaceful natural environment with no distractions. Surrounded by 120 acres of warm temperate rainforest & a magnificent waterfall on the Little Nymboida River.
The log cabin smalljpg
The log cabin kitchen small
Property Amenities
The property has many walking tracks, leading to the Little Nymboida River, The Mole Creek or the Gordon Gully. All flow into the Little Nymboida River at different points along the main river frontage.The cabin is surrounded by warm temperate rainforest trees; many 30 to 40 foot hardwood trees, tallow woods, blue gums, black butts, forest oak and hoop pine are some of the trees to be seen on the property.
The log cabin in the bush small
Lightstream Waterfall

Many colourful birds abound including Lyre birds and Bower birds. Kangaroos and pademelons can be seen along the road and koalas are a rare sight.


Platypus live in the river and can be seen in the early morning or evening if you wait silently and patiently.

Canoes are available on request if the kids wish to have a paddle up stream where the river is wide.


Upstream, there is a walk to the “Lake” where the river widens and turns. Here it is very peaceful and good for an early morning walk.

If anything is required on your stay or you have forgotten to bring something, Judy & Andrew will provide it.

We are sure you will enjoy your stay in this unique place and will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed wondering when you can make the next getaway.

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