Clinic Testimonials 

“Dear Judy, The session I had with you last week was wonderful, it helped to clarify many things with my work situation. It gave me the strength to know my decision was right and I felt a great freedom when I walked out of there on Friday afternoon. I have a job interview Monday afternoon so all is well and I am positive about my future. Thank you so much for helping me with my work situation.”

– Sincerely Caroline Mc.

Retreat Testimonials

I learnt so more about myself. Experiencing & meeting new beautiful people. Laughter & fun times. The food was amazing and I really enjoyed the entire weekend!

– March 2013 retreat participant

I’ve certainly maintained a high level of positive feeling re the future and feel less weighed down by ‘life’”

 The retreat and all you (Judy) and Andrew offered me has renewed me emotionally which I know will lead to further benefits both spiritually and physically. I don’t feel as worn down and sad as I was feeling – and that in itself is worth more than I can say.”

– March 2013 retreat participant

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